One of my favorite passtime activities during a study period is watching horror film shorts on youtube, and the rest of the internet, because I do not always have time to watch a full feature movie (I am also one episode behind in American Horror Story season 6, haha).

I do plan to focus on a certain trope and write articles that will focus on one of them at a time, but now I will just share a few of those films that I stumbled upon today and that I liked. I have seen some that I did not enjoy, but I am not going to write about those (now). Of course, you might and you might not enjoy these as much as I did, but I do like to share, what you think is up to you. 🙂

Leaning (2014) by Enrico Conte

The make up, overall mood, and setting worked nicely together. I found it very atmospheric and exciting, and enjoyed the acting of the girl who plays the daughter. I enjoyed the ride although it is not the scariest horror movie short I have seen.

Description taken from the director’s Youtube channel:

“Leaning is born from love and passion for two different forms of Cinema with the desire to mix them up. Love for a real Masterpiece as “Night of The Hunter” by Charles Laughton and passion for genre movies of the past: an essential american thriller melted with horror cinema in its most violent and shining period. A simple and twisted game at the same time, wich cannot fail to entice fans of the genre and intrigue them about how, the evil but fascinating Sheperd played by Robert Mitchum in Laughton’s classic, would appear, if viewed by the sordid, violent and extreme look of authors such as Hooper, Carpenter, Fulci, Craven, Argento.”

Alexia (2013) by Andres Borghi

Perhaps my favorite on the list because I got really really spooked. A little advice that remains true for watching any horror movies: AVOID using headphones, or use them, like me, but be prepared to accept that the experience is always way more intense. I had to take them off to ease the claustrophobic feeling that someone or something is in the room with me.

I enjoy horror movies centered around technology, such as Japanese Pulse (2001) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and long haired female ghosts and demons of Japanese horror cinema and literature. This movie combines both but without being a brainless copy of the Japanese horror film tradition.

Mr Creak (2015) by Liam Banks

The shortest movie on this list, Mr Creak, takes you into an attic at night. The cliche setting of the story makes for a good babadook-ian atmosphere, but so does the performance of Julia Damassa portraying the woman who audience watches as she recites a poem written on miniature scrolls.

The Cut (2015) by Kirill Ermichev

Finally,  a bonus: a simple short movie without any commentary from me as it would spoil everything. Enjoy!

Have a good night!




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